Trūksta motyvacijos? 10 Instagram įrašų, kurie jus įkvėps sportuoti | Kiki fit
motyvacija sportuoti

Trūksta motyvacijos? 10 Instagram įrašų, kurie jus įkvėps sportuoti

Vis svajojate apie dailias linijas, tačiau, ryte suskambus žadintuvui, visa motyvacija bėgti į sporto klubą kažkur išgaruoja? Taip, ir mums taip būna. Todėl šiandien dalinamės mėgstamiausiais instagram įrašais, kurie mum padeda rytus pradėti kitaip!


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SURPRISE!! 🥳 After the huge success of my Countdown to Christmas Fitness Challenge I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be running a brand new challenge for 2019…FITNESS FEBRUARY!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 This is your chance to kick start 2019 with me getting fit, flexible & strong!! 😃 28 follow-along classes in 28days 👊🏼 HIIT workouts, strength, yoga, stretching & recovery…I’m covering it all! 🔥🔥🔥 It all kicks off February 1st on my Fresh Body Fit Mind app 😬🙌🏼 Available on iPhone, Android and now on larger screen website! 📱💻 Can’t wait to do this with you!! 🤩 #freshbodyfitmind #fitnessfebruary #fitnesschallenge ab♥️x 👇🏼 🍃 🍃

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Sunku prisiversti nueiti į sporto klubą vienam? Mesk iššūkį geriausiam draugui. Kartu bus tikrai smagiau!


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Base Body Babes Workout to try with your bestie💪🏻 A1 10 x Wall Balls A2 10 x Kettlebell Swings A3 10 x Standing DB Shoulder Press A4 10 x DB Bent Over Rows A5 10 x 90’ Back Extension A6 20secs x Rope Slams A7 20secs x Wall Sits Perform all exercises back to back with no rest in between and then rest for 120secs at the end of A7 and repeat again. Complete 3-5 sets. We love to have some fun when we workout and we always like to fuel our bodies with some protein post workout. We hope you have fun too babes 🙌🏻 #basebodybabeslove #gym #trainhard #liftweights #circuittraining #workoutbuddies #workoutvideo #basebodybabes #personaltrainers

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Jei norite gerai išsikrauti, rytoj nuėję į sporto salę išbandykite jėgos arba HIIT – didelio intensyvumo intervalines treniruotes.

Niekas neatnešė pusryčių į lovą? Bloga diena darbe? O gal gavot baudą už ne vietoje pasistatytą automobilį? Nelaikykite pykčio savyje ir išliekite įniršį ant bokso kriaušės. Arba ant trenerio.


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When your workout is as strenuous on your brain…. as it is on your body 🥊👸🏼 Haha seriously! I LOVE my boxing workouts because time literally flys by! I’m so focused on technique and nailing my combos that before I know it… half an hours up! I mix up my training every single day just as much for my body as I do for my mind. I thrive when I’m passionate and enthusiastic, but I’ll be the first to admit that when I get over the gym… I. Am. Over. It! 🤦🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ I train in a way that is functional, dynamic, fun and flexible to my lifestyle. Like I always say- I just want to be an absolute weapon ninja! I want to be fit, agile, strong and quick. I run, box, swim, sprint, lift and… pulse (yeah I have a weird obsession with squat pulses 💁🏼‍♀️). What style of training is everyone smashing out today!? Oh and p.s @goodemarrn it’s the combo PRINCESS thank you very much 👸🏼✨🥊

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Jei vaikystėje mėgote su draugais sportuoti ant kiemuose esančių gimnastikos turėklų, jums turėtų patikti kalistenikos treniruotės.


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🎥 New YouTube video – Thenx Workout Challenge with @chrisheria 💥💥 Hit The Link in The Bio To Watch Now 📲 Athlete: @chrisheria #thenx

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Pritrūkote idėjų pasimatymams? O gal nebeužtenka laisvo laiko pabūti kartu su mylimu žmogumi? Praleiskite laiką kartu sporto salėje – išbandykite naujas treniruotes, jogą, pratimus dviems. Sustiprinsite ne tik savo kūnus, bet ir santykius.

Girdėjote apie treniruotes su dviračiais? Jei ne, papasakosime. Gera muzika. Sudegintų kalorijų bomba. Prakaito upelis. Ir, tikriausiai, kojų mėšlungis.


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🔊Turn up the volume 🔊 CAN WE GET A HOLLABACK!? We firmly believe it’s better when you let loose and get loud. Never be afraid to let out a “woo” or throw your towel in the air. We welcome excitement and we welcome expression. Tag your loudest friend! 💥 🚲: . @caseylanxon, @beth_nguyen, @allysonrebecca 🎥: @theprodigyba Tag your loudest friend! 💥 . . . . . . . . . . #canada #cyclebeats #ridewiththegroove #indoorcycling #dancemoves #epic #sohot #fun #workout #Spinclass #cycling #spinsociety #fitnessclasses #exercise #partyonabike #soulcycle #Spinning #cyclestars #exercise #challenge #spinvibes #fitnessclass #twins #team #groupfitness #Winnipeg #Manitoba #WinnipegManitoba

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Joga – ne šiaip tempimo treniruotė. Atlikdami pratimus su savo kūno svoriu, lavinsite jėgą, ištvermę ir lankstumą. Ar žinojote, jog jogos treniruotės gerina nuotaiką ir greitina medžiagų apykaitą?


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Flowing through asanas can be difficult at times if you are creating your own unique flows. SistersOfYoga Flow-to-Asana challenge is to act as a guide and a way for us to inspire each other. Today’s flow is based off of the hips. I created a beginner friendly one. Keep in mind I sped it up a bit for the gram but you can flow at your own pace. 1 or 5 breathes, whatever you feel you need. Also I love doing chaturanga, but you don’t have to add them in between each side. However, it will help to build up your full body strength and arms. Also you can come down to your knees when doing chaturanga as well, followed by the chest all the way to the floor if you don’t have the strength yet. In each pose try to keep your whole body activated. . . Chair pose Yogi squat Chataranga flow (plank, lower down, inhale lift chest up, exhale down dog ) 3legged down dog (both sides) Warrior I (both sides) Chataunga Forward fold Star Goddess squats . . Wearing @aloyoga . HOSTS/FLOW THEMES Day 1: hip flow- @klairkia_theartist Day 2: core flow- @hippie_heathen Day 3: inversion flow- @yogi_goddess Day 4: balance flow- @yogijazporter Day 5: mobility flow- @kymmicordovez Day 6: backbend flow- @awesomebodyrevolution . SPONSORS @beyondyoga @lanirvanaorganics @mayyouknowjoy @yogaevolutiontv . HOW TO PLAY: 1.) Repost Flyer (see profile) & Use Hashtag #SistersOfYoga 💕 2.) Follow @SistersOfYoga + ALL Hosts + Sponsors 3.) Tag your sisters so they can join too! 4.) Post Daily (labeling caption with Day 1,2,3…etc) using hashtag & Tag all hosts & sponsors with every post so we know you are playing

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Paįvairinkite savo treniruotes ir išbandykite kitokį sporto inventorių.

Lauke geras oras ir nesinori sėdėti nei namie, nei sporto salėje? Džiaukitės saulės spinduliais ir gera kompanija sportuodami gamtoje!

O kurie Instagram profiliai jus įkvepia sveikiau gyventi? Pasidalinkite komentaruose!

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